Top 10 Hospitals in the City of Dhaka

Top 10 Hospitals in the City of Dhaka 2024

Top 10 Hospitals in the City of Dhaka: Healthcare is a vital indicator of a nation’s progress, and Bangladesh, especially Dhaka, boasts many world-class hospitals near residential areas. These hospitals prioritize patient well-being, focusing on a patient-centered approach, dedicated leadership, cutting-edge technology, clear assessment, coordinated care, safety, efficiency, accessibility, future-oriented concerns, responsiveness, and effective management, all within a beautiful environment.

Some Special Qualities Make a Hospital Good

Taking a Patient-Centered Approach

Good hospitals always prioritize the needs and comfort of their patients. The emphasis on patient-centered care ensures a positive experience for individuals seeking medical attention.

Leadership that is Dedicated

Effective hospitals have leaders who are dedicated to the well-being of their patients. Strong leadership ensures that the hospital functions efficiently and provides the best possible care to the community.

Leading-edge Technology

Top-notch hospitals invest in the latest medical technology to enhance diagnostic and treatment capabilities. This commitment to staying at the forefront of medical advancements ensures better outcomes for patients.

Clear Assessment

A good hospital conducts clear assessments of patients’ conditions, leading to accurate diagnoses and effective treatment plans. This approach contributes to the overall success of the healthcare facility.

Care that is Coordinated

Coordinated care is crucial for a hospital’s success. This involves seamless collaboration among different medical departments to provide comprehensive and effective treatment to patients.

It is Risk-Free and Safe

Patient safety is a top priority in good hospitals. Strict safety measures and risk management protocols ensure that patients can trust the hospital environment for their well-being.

It’s Efficient to All Ranked People

Efficiency in delivering healthcare services to people from all walks of life is a hallmark of a good hospital. Accessibility and affordability make healthcare services available to a broader population.

It is Concerned for Better Health-Future

A hospital that is concerned about the future health of its community engages in preventive healthcare measures. This proactive approach contributes to a healthier population in the long run.

It Responds to the Requirements of the People

Adapting to the evolving needs of the community is essential for a hospital’s success. Hospitals that respond promptly to changing healthcare demands demonstrate their commitment to the well-being of the people.

It is Well-Managed

Effective management ensures that a hospital operates smoothly. Well-managed hospitals provide a conducive environment for medical professionals to deliver quality care to their patients.

Generated with Beautiful Environment

A beautiful and serene environment contributes to the overall healing process. Hospitals that invest in creating a positive and aesthetically pleasing atmosphere enhance the overall patient experience.

Top 10 Hospitals in the City of Dhaka
Top 10 Hospitals in the City of Dhaka

Now, let’s delve into the top 10 hospitals in Dhaka that embody these qualities:

Top 10 Hospitals in the City of Dhaka 2024

1. Square Hospital

Address: 18/F, Bir Uttam, Qazi Nuruzzaman Sarak, West Panthapath
Website: Square Hospital

Square Hospital, established on December 16, 2006, in Panthapath Dhaka, is a private hospital with a reputation for affordable modern facilities. With 3 multi-storied buildings and a 500-bed care unit, it offers a wide range of medical services, including Urology, Children-care unit, Kidney & Dialysis center, Neuroscience, Orthopedics & Trauma, Radiology, and more. Square Hospital is undoubtedly one of the most favored hospitals in Bangladesh and holds the top spot among the highest 10 hospitals.

2. Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University (BSMMU)

Address: Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University, BSMMU, Dhaka 1000
Website: BSMMU

Established in 1965, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University, located in Shahbagh, is the only medical university in Bangladesh. It serves as a center for specialized treatment, with specialized centers for pediatric hematology and cancer treatment. With excellent diagnostic services at an affordable cost, BSMMU is considered one of Bangladesh’s best hospitals.

3. Evercare Hospital Dhaka

Address: Plot: 81, Block: E, Bashundhara R/A, Dhaka 1229, Bangladesh
Website: Evercare Hospital Dhaka

Formerly known as Apollo Hospital, Evercare Hospital Dhaka, established in 2005, is renowned for its 450 beds and distinguished healthcare professionals. With a wide range of services, including Apollo Bone & Joint Center, Heart Centre, Mother & Child Centre, and more, Evercare Hospital is a healthcare platform operating across Africa and Asia.

4. Dhaka Medical College

Address: Dhaka Medical College, Dhaka-1000, Bangladesh
Website: Dhaka Medical College

Founded in 1946, Dhaka Medical College, commonly known as DMCH, is one of the oldest hospitals in Bangladesh. As a public medical college hospital, it has earned a reputation for specialized treatments, particularly in the Burn & Cosmetic Surgery Unit. With a commitment to serving a diverse population at an affordable cost, DMCH holds a prominent position in the ranking of the top 10 hospitals in Bangladesh.

5. United Hospital Limited

Address: Plot 15, Road 71, Gulshan, Dhaka-1212, Bangladesh
Website: United Hospital Limited

Inaugurated in 2006, United Hospital is the topmost private hospital in Bangladesh. With a multidisciplinary 500-bed capacity, it offers a comprehensive healthcare solution. Specialized departments include Cardiology, Cardiac Surgery, Orthopedics, Gynecology & Obstetrics, Neonatology & Pediatrics, Gastroenterology, Nephrology, and more. United Hospital is a pioneer in cancer care and holds a leading position among the top ten hospitals in Bangladesh.

6. Labaid Specialized Hospital

Address: House-06, Road-04, Dhanmondi, Dhaka-1205, Bangladesh
Website: Labaid Group

Established in 2004, Labaid Specialized Hospital is a prominent name in the Bangladesh healthcare industry. Focusing on cardiac treatment, it has played a revolutionary role in cardiac care in the country. With modern surgical and diagnostic facilities, Labaid Specialized Hospital is an example of the synergy between medical advances and IT. It holds a significant position among the top 10 hospitals in Bangladesh.

7. Kurmitola General Hospital

Address: Tongi Diversion Road, Dhaka 1206
Website: Kurmitola General Hospital

Inaugurated on May 13, 2012, Kurmitola General Hospital aims to provide quality medical treatment to all citizens of Bangladesh. With 500 beds, it offers life-saving treatment and emergency services to nearby road accident victims. Serving as the teaching hospital for the military medical college (AFMC), Kurmitola General Hospital is in a superior position in the ranking of the top 10 hospitals in Bangladesh.

8. BIRDEM General Hospital

Address: Shahbag Square, 122 Kazi Nazrul Islam Ave, Dhaka 1000
Website: BIRDEM

Established in 1980, BIRDEM General Hospital is a well-known and famous hospital in Bangladesh, specializing in the treatment of diabetes. With a 600-bed hospital complex, it serves thousands of diabetes patients daily. Designated as a WHO Cooperating Center on Diabetes, BIRDEM General Hospital is globally recognized for its world-class expert staff members. It ranks high in the list of top 10 hospitals in Bangladesh.

9. Green Life Medical College Hospital

Address: MAK Khan Tower, 31 and 31/1, Bir Uttam K.M. Shafiullah Sarak (Green Road)
Website: Green Life Medical College Hospital

Green Life Medical College Hospital, a non-government hospital established in 2005, has become a success story in specialized care within the private sector. With approximately 500 beds, it offers modern facilities and infrastructure. Green Life Medical College Hospital is positioned at a high level among the top 10 hospitals in Bangladesh.

10. National Heart Foundation Hospital

Address: Plot-7/2, Section-2, Mirpur, Dhaka-1216, Bangladesh
Website: National Heart Foundation

Established in 1979, the National Heart Foundation Hospital is a non-profit hospital that focuses on cardiovascular diseases. Recognized for its contribution to tobacco control and the prevention and control of cardiovascular diseases in Bangladesh, it offers indoor and outdoor treatment. The hospital is a major facility for heart patients, with specialized units such as Coronary Care Unit (CCU) and Intensive Care Unit (ICU). It holds a commendable position among the top 10 hospitals in Bangladesh.

In conclusion, the top 10 hospitals in Dhaka, Bangladesh, play a crucial role in providing quality healthcare services to the community. These hospitals, with their commitment to patient-centered care, advanced technology, and dedicated medical professionals, contribute significantly to the well-being of the population. As the healthcare landscape continues to evolve, these hospitals remain at the forefront, ensuring that the people of Dhaka receive the best possible medical care.

We invite you to share your thoughts and experiences with these hospitals in the comments section below. Your insights can be valuable for others seeking healthcare options in Dhaka.

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