Top 10 Pharmaceutical Companies in Bangladesh 2023

Top 10 Pharmaceutical Companies in Bangladesh 2024

The pharmaceutical industry in Bangladesh has become a cornerstone of the nation’s economy, supplying 98% of its medical needs. With a remarkable growth rate exceeding 15.6% annually and an export earning of $169 million in FY 2024-21 across 160 countries, the industry plays a pivotal role. In this article, we’ll delve into the top 10 pharmaceutical companies shaping Bangladesh’s healthcare landscape in 2024.

1. Square Pharmaceuticals Limited

Square Pharmaceuticals Limited, established in 1958, stands as Bangladesh’s largest pharmaceutical company. From tablets to syrups, capsules, and beyond, Square produces a vast range of medicines. The company, dominating the market with a 17.73% share, exports to 42 countries and generated a revenue of BDT 58.35 billion in 2024-21.

2. Incepta Pharmaceutical Ltd.

Incepta Pharmaceutical Ltd., founded in 1999, holds the second position with a market share of 10.21%. Known for innovation, it produces over 600 generic drugs, including sustained-release tablets and nasal sprays. Incepta, with a turnover of BDT 2,755 crore, operates a network of 28 depots and exports to 78 countries.

3. Beximco Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

Beximco Pharmaceuticals Ltd., established in 1976, ranks third with an 8.39% market share. The company, initially an importer, now exports to over 50 countries, with a total revenue exceeding BDT 2,949 crore in 2024-21. Beximco is listed on the London Stock Exchange’s Alternative Investment Market.

4. Opsonin Pharma Ltd.

Opsonin Pharma Ltd., founded in 1956, secures the fourth spot, boasting a 5.54% market share. Operating with 32 regional offices, Opsonin’s 500-acre manufacturing plant produces 428 brands of 393 generic drugs, catering not only to the domestic market but also exporting to 16 countries.

5. Renata Limited

Renata Limited, ranking fifth with a 4.97% market share, originated in 1972 as Pfizer Limited. After renaming in 1993, Renata now manufactures products in 10 factories for both local and global markets. With a net turnover of BDT 2,925 crore in 2024-21, Renata is a key player in Bangladesh’s pharmaceutical landscape.

6. Healthcare Pharmaceuticals Limited

Healthcare Pharmaceuticals Limited (HPL), starting in 1988, claims the sixth position with a 4.57% market share. Originally associated with Roche, HPL now exports to various markets in Asia and Africa. Producing 120 generic to 210 branded products, HPL has 13 storehouses and about 800 employees.

7. ACI Pharmaceuticals Limited

ACI Pharmaceuticals Limited, a segment of ACI Ltd., holds the seventh spot with a 4.43% market share. Pioneering ISO 9001-certified quality management in 1995, ACI produces 387 types of medications and exports to 30 countries. In 2024-21, its total revenue reached BDT 1,224 crore.

8. Eskayef Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

Eskayef Pharmaceuticals Ltd., owned by the Transcom Group, is a leading pharmaceutical company in Bangladesh since 1990. With a commitment to excellence, Eskayef exports products to over 30 countries. Offering a wide range of products, the company plays a significant role in meeting the healthcare needs of rural and urban areas.

9. ACME Laboratories Ltd.

ACME Laboratories Ltd., part of the ACME Group established in 1954, is renowned for its high-quality pharmaceutical products. With over 500 different types of dosages, ACME has a strong presence in the local and international markets. The company exports its products to South East Asia, Central America, and Africa.

10. Aristopharma Ltd.

Aristopharma Ltd., operating since 1986, consistently provides innovative and reliable pharmaceutical products. With a manufacturing facility equipped with modern technology, Aristopharma produces a wide range of dosage forms, meeting both local and international pharmaceutical needs.


In conclusion, these top 10 pharmaceutical companies in Bangladesh play a crucial role in the nation’s healthcare sector. With innovation, quality products, and a commitment to meeting global standards, these companies contribute significantly to the industry’s growth.


1. How many countries does Square Pharmaceuticals export to?

Square Pharmaceuticals exports to a total of 42 countries in Asia, Africa, America, and Australia.

2. What is the market share of Incepta Pharmaceutical Ltd.?

Incepta Pharmaceutical Ltd. holds a market share of 10.21% in the pharmaceutical industry of Bangladesh.

3. How many depots does Beximco Pharmaceuticals operate across the country?

Beximco Pharmaceuticals operates through 28 depots across Bangladesh.

4. Which pharmaceutical company is listed on the London Stock Exchange’s Alternative Investment Market?

Beximco Pharmaceuticals is listed on the Alternative Investment Market on the London Stock Exchange.

5. In which year did Renata Limited start its journey?

Renata Limited started its journey in 1972 as Pfizer Limited and later changed its name in 1993.

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