Top 5 Hospital Management Software in Bangladesh

Best Hospital Management Software in Bangladesh

In the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare management, having the right Hospital Management Software (HMS) can make a significant difference. This article explores the Best Hospital Management Software solutions in Bangladesh, each designed to enhance the efficiency of business operations in healthcare settings.

1. Ifax App: Revolutionizing Fax Services in Healthcare

In the digital era, Ifax App stands out as a comprehensive solution for healthcare institutions needing efficient fax services. With real-time message sending and user-friendly features, Ifax App ensures seamless communication at an affordable starting price of $20 per month.

2. TallyPrime: Power of Simplicity in Business Management

TallyPrime, India’s leading business management software, offers a robust solution for GST, accounting, inventory, banking, and payroll. With an affordable pricing model and a user base of nearly 20 lakh businesses worldwide, TallyPrime simplifies complex business processes.

3. Vyapar: A Businessman’s Best Friend for Invoicing and Accounting

Vyapar emerges as a GST-compatible invoicing and accounting solution tailored for hospitals and small businesses. With a starting price of $40 per device per year, Vyapar facilitates the creation of GST bills, order fulfillment, GSTR reports generation, and efficient payment tracking.

4. Win Apps Hospital: All-in-One Hospital Management System

Win Apps Hospital Management Software seamlessly tracks everything, from staff details to patient history. With a cloud-based approach, Win Apps Hospital offers a user-friendly solution, ensuring efficient management of healthcare operations, all at an affordable starting price.

5. Hospital Information System – VIPHA: Elevating Efficiency with Advanced Features

VIPHA’s Hospital Information System takes efficiency to the next level with advanced features and top-notch security. This flexible and affordable solution, starting at $10,000 as a license-based pricing model, ensures that healthcare institutions can meet their business goals effectively.

6. OpenEMR: ONC Certified Open-Source Solution

OpenEMR is a freely available, ONC certified hospital management software supporting multiple languages for smooth functioning. With integrated features to manage hospital records, OpenEMR is a versatile solution for healthcare providers.

7. eHealthFlex: Comprehensive Health-tech Solution Provider

eHealthFlex offers a dynamic platform, providing the best-in-class service and solutions to the healthcare ecosystem. With a starting price of $417 per year, eHealthFlex aims to deliver healthcare services efficiently while imparting knowledge.

8. KnowIT HMS: Integrated ERP Solution for Hospitals

KnowIT HMS is an integrated ERP solution covering all aspects of hospital management, from front office and clinical operations to billing, HRMS, and inventory. Its user-friendly interface ensures ease of use for healthcare professionals.

9. Quanta WebHIMS: Streamlining Administrative Needs

Quanta WebHIMS focuses on the administrative needs of hospitals, offering an integrated software solution to manage medical administration, finance billing, and other corresponding processes efficiently.

10. N T Soft Pathology Management: Managing Patient Records Effectively

N T Soft Pathology Management Software streamlines patient record management in pathology laboratories. It allows easy entry of patient test values and provides comprehensive test reports.

11. Oracle Healthcare Cloud: Precision in Hospital Management

Oracle Healthcare Cloud offers a digital healthcare solution adhering to hospital management precisely. This cost-effective solution caters to the analytics and management needs of hospitals and clinics, benefiting both small and large healthcare institutions.

12. Health360 – eMS: End-to-End Healthcare Management Solution

Health360 – eMS is an all-in-one service platform designed to manage healthcare activities intelligently. Priced at $25,000 for a one-domain license, it offers a unique workflow for healthcare service management.

13. NowFloats Boost360: Simplifying the Digital Journey for Businesses

NowFloats Boost360 is an online business management suite that helps businesses grow online. With a quick setup time of less than 9 minutes, it efficiently manages business profiles, catalogs, events, and other essential information.

14. Medicare: Future-Ready Hospital Management Software

Medicare is a future-ready hospital management software designed to maintain all hospital records on computers. It ensures the efficient management of prescriptions, treatment sheets, medicines, and employee data.

15. Optha+: Clinical Data Management for Ophthalmologists

Optha+ is a clinical data management software designed specifically for ophthalmologists. Developed by ARCIS INFO, it covers a wide range of clinical information and administrative processes in ophthalmology healthcare departments.


In a rapidly advancing healthcare landscape, choosing the right Hospital Management Software is crucial for operational efficiency. The top 5 solutions in Bangladesh cater to diverse needs, from fax services and business management to invoicing, accounting, and advanced hospital information systems.

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