Top 10 It Companies in Bangladesh 2023

Top 20 IT Companies in Bangladesh 2024

The landscape of Information Technology (IT) in Bangladesh has evolved significantly, contributing to the country’s economic growth and global recognition. This article delves into the top 20 IT companies in Bangladesh, highlighting their innovations, services, and impact on the tech industry.

1. Bangla Puzzle Limited: Pioneering Innovation

  • Inception and Vision: Nadim Majid’s journey from graduation to founding Bangla Puzzle Limited.
  • Diverse Expertise: Augmented & Virtual reality, Artificial Intelligence, IoT services, Software, and Web & Mobile Application Development.
  • Notable Achievements: Recognition from ICT Ministry, a2i women innovation Camp, and more.
  • Service Areas: Website Design, Mobile App Development, SEO, and Education & Training.

2. Enosis Solutions: Collaborative Software Engineering

  • Unique Collaboration: Offshore software engineering and consultancy model.
  • Market Success: Rapid and economical delivery of software products.

3. Therap (BD) Limited: Bridging Bangladesh and the US

  • Global Presence: A US-based software company operating in Bangladesh since 2004.
  • Management: Richard Robins leading collaborations for software-based solutions.

4. Selise: Swiss Expertise in Dhaka

  • Swiss Roots: A Swiss company making strides in Dhaka’s IT scene.
  • Dedication to Quality: Known for software development, IT consulting, and digital transformation.

5. Cefalo: Norwegian Excellence in IT Consultation

  • Norwegian Roots: Operating from Dhaka, Cefalo specializes in IT consultation.
  • Versatility: Web development, integration, and maintenance services.

6. Nascenia: Rapid Expansion and Innovation

  • Bangladeshi Pride: A fast-growing software development company.
  • Expertise: Skilled in Ruby on Rails, Android, iOS, PHP, and .net.

7. SouthTech: Pioneering Software Service Provider

  • Legacy: One of the first software service providers in Bangladesh.
  • Passion for Creation: Driven by a commitment to creating enterprises.

8. Workspace Infotech Ltd: 13 Years of Excellence

  • Established Legacy: Serving the software industry for over 13 years.
  • Commitment to Quality: Known for web design and development services.

9. DIZIT Ltd: Government and Telecom Solutions

  • Government Focus: Meeting the digital transformation needs of the government and telecom sector.

10. NHP IT Solutions: Leading in Web Design

  • Leading Design Agency: Providing web design, Ecommerce solutions, and software development.

11. eGeneration: Innovating for Sectors

  • Pioneering IT Consulting: The first IT consulting and software solutions company in Bangladesh.
  • Sector Expertise: Serving Banking and Financial, eGovernance, and Manufacturing.

12. Subra Systems: Specialist in Software Solutions

  • Quality Solutions: Provider of software solutions and consulting services.
  • Information Technology: Utilizing state-of-the-art technology for enterprise applications.

13. Comprehensive IT Support

  • Onsite Managed IT Support: Providing IT support, maintenance, website design, and software development.

14. IT Solutioner: Contemporary Design and Performance

  • Design Excellence: Focusing on contemporary designs and optimal performance.

15. Ultimate IT Solution: Business Software Mastery

  • Business Automation: Offering business software and web application development services.

16. Software Bank: Popular Software Company

  • Popular Choice: A renowned software company listed in Chittagong.

17. Raj IT: Software Development in Rajshahi

  • Regional Presence: A software development & IT Service company based in Rajshahi.

18. LI Lab: Sylhet’s Mobile Application Specialist

  • Mobile Application Focus: Specializing in mobile application, game development, UI/UX design, and web development.

19. IT LAB SOLUTIONS LTD: Sylhet’s IT Support Leader

  • Global IT Support: Providing ICT solutions globally with a focus on high-level technology support.

20. W3 Engineers Ltd: Investing in Emerging Technologies

  • Tech Enthusiasts: Passionate about investing in emerging technologies and talented resources.


In conclusion, Bangladesh’s IT sector is poised for rapid expansion, elevating the nation to developed status. These Top 20 IT companies play a crucial role in shaping the country’s security, well-being, and educational systems. If you’re seeking a highly skilled expert team for your project, look no further than these industry leaders.


  1. How has the IT sector impacted Bangladesh’s economy?
  2. What are the key services offered by Bangla Puzzle Limited?
    • Bangla Puzzle Limited provides services such as website design, mobile app development, SEO, and education & training.
  3. How does Enosis Solutions stand out in software engineering?
    • Enosis Solutions stands out through its unique collaborative model, delivering software products to market rapidly and economically.
  4. What is the global reach of Therap (BD) Limited?
    • Therap (BD) Limited, a US-based company, has been operating in Bangladesh since 2004, collaborating with global service providers.
  5. How does the IT sector impact the overall well-being of Bangladesh’s citizens?
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