Top 10 Software Companies in Bangladesh 2023

Top 10 Software Companies in Bangladesh 2024

Bangladesh, a rising star in the global software industry, is witnessing a surge in technology-driven advancements. In this blog post, we delve into the landscape of the software industry in Bangladesh, examining its present situation, challenges, and prospects. Additionally, we present a detailed list of the top 10 software companies in Bangladesh that are playing a pivotal role in the nation’s digital evolution.

Software Industry in Bangladesh: A Catalyst for Growth

1. Emergence of Software Development

The roots of software development in Bangladesh trace back to the ’90s, marking the inception of a transformative journey.

2. Impact on the Economy and GDP

With over 2400 registered software and ICT firms, the industry contributes significantly to Bangladesh’s GDP, surpassing 2 billion US dollars.

Top 10 Software Companies in Bangladesh 2024

Present Situation of Software Industry in Bangladesh

3. Global Recognition and Challenges

Despite global recognition and an increase in software exports, challenges such as economic downturns and political influences persist.

4. Recent Trends and Setbacks

The software industry faced setbacks in fiscal year 2024 due to the global recession and local political situations affecting tech startups and investments.

5. Challenges and Strategies

Consumer price hikes and policy updates pose challenges, emphasizing the need for more programmers and ensuring job security for software developers.

Future Situation of Software Industry in Bangladesh

6. Technological Opportunities

Exploring opportunities in AI, Web3, Blockchain, and other emerging technologies opens new avenues for growth in the digital landscape.

7. Demand for Skilled Professionals

The shortage of tech experts poses a risk, and bridging this gap through training programs is crucial for sustained growth.

8. Focus on Target Markets

To succeed globally, Bangladeshi companies must focus on specific markets, tailoring their services to meet the ever-changing demands of the software market.

List of Top 10 Software Companies in Bangladesh

9. Bdtask: Leading the Pack

A deep dive into the leading software company, Bdtask, reveals its journey, global impact, and commitment to quality software solutions.

10. Brain Station 23: Creativity and Success

Brain Station 23 stands out with its rapid success and creative solutions, serving clients in over 25 countries.

11. Datasoft: Pioneering Excellence

Being the first CMMI Level 5 software development company in Dhaka, Datasoft’s commitment to innovation and client satisfaction is explored.

12. BJIT Group: Bridging Japan and Bangladesh

A joint venture between Japanese and Bangladeshi entities, BJIT Group focuses on high-end IT solutions, outsourcing, and project management.

13. LeadSoft Bangladesh: Global Experience

A glimpse into LeadSoft’s 23 years of global experience and its commitment to providing customized software solutions across various sectors.

14. REVE Systems: Connecting the World

REVE Systems, since 2003, has been building intelligent solutions for the global communication industry, connecting customers in over 78 countries.

15. Southtech Group: CMMI Level 5 Certified

Southtech Group’s 26+ years of growth and its reputation for providing custom software solutions in finance, HR, and more.

16. TigerIT: Innovating with Biometrics

TigerIT’s role in introducing biometrics programs and AFIS-certified NIST showcases its innovative contributions to Bangladesh’s IT landscape.

17. Kaz Software: Award-Winning Innovations

Kaz Software, an award-winning company, is known for its innovations in tax, accounting, publishing, and more.

18. Dream71 Bangladesh Ltd: Captivating Markets

Focusing on mobile applications, software, and game development, Dream71 has successfully captivated both local and international markets.

Other Popular Software Companies (Special Mention)

19. Ongoing Contributions

Mentioning other notable contributors like Ollyo, Nascenia, Enosis Solutions, Cefalo Bangladesh Ltd., ReliSource Technologies Ltd, weDevs, IBCS-PRIMAX Software (Bangladesh) Limited, Kona Software Lab Limited, CSL Software Resources Ltd., and WellDev Bangladesh Ltd.

Conclusion: Top 10 Software Companies

The article concludes with an overview of how the software industry in Bangladesh is thriving, thanks to the expertise and commitment of leading companies. These firms are not only contributing to the nation’s development but also positioning Bangladesh as a significant player in the global software market.


1. What challenges does the software industry face in Bangladesh?

The industry faces challenges such as economic downturns, political influences, and the need for skilled professionals.

2. How are companies overcoming economic setbacks?

Companies are adapting to the changing landscape, focusing on target markets, and exploring opportunities in emerging technologies.

3. What sectors do Bangladeshi software companies specialize in?

Companies specialize in sectors like finance, healthcare, telecommunications, and more.

4. How is Bangladesh preparing for the future of the software industry?

By introducing policies, ensuring a skilled workforce, and focusing on global market competition, Bangladesh aims to stand out in the future of the software industry.

5. How can businesses benefit from Bangladesh’s software industry?

Businesses can leverage the expertise of Bangladeshi software companies for customized solutions, ranging from fintech to healthcare and beyond.

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