Top 10 Private Hospital in Bangladesh

Top 10 Private Hospital in Bangladesh 2024

In Bangladesh, private hospitals play a crucial role in providing healthcare services. Both profit and nonprofit organizations contribute to the country’s healthcare sector, offering patients the option to choose their preferred surgeons and doctors. Quality has become a priority for patients, often leading them to opt for renowned private hospitals over others. This article explores the top 10 private hospital in Bangladesh in 2024, highlighting their unique features and contributions to the healthcare landscape.

Top 10 Hospitals in the City of Dhaka
Top 10 Hospitals in the City of Dhaka

Top 10 Private Hospital in Bangladesh 2024

1. Square Hospital

Square Hospital, located in Dhaka, Bangladesh, stands out as one of the premier private hospitals in the country. With a commitment to providing exceptional healthcare and clinical services, Square Hospital ensures personalized care despite its relatively higher treatment costs. The hospital’s reputation for offering the best treatment plans makes it a preferred choice among patients.

2. Sheikh Fazilatunnesa Mujib Memorial KPJ Specialized Hospital & Nursing College

Founded by the Father of the Nation, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Memorial Trust, this hospital is certified by IMS and operated by KPJ Healthcare Berhad. The international consultants and committed medical staff ensure 24-hour assistance, making it a distinguished healthcare institution with a global touch.

3. Popular Diagnostic Centre Ltd

Established in 1983, Popular Diagnostic Centre Ltd has emerged as one of Bangladesh’s renowned diagnostic centers. With branches across the country, the center is a pioneer in introducing new medical instruments and technologies, providing round-the-clock medical testing and consulting services. This expansive network makes it a vital player in the private healthcare sector.

4. Labaid Hospitals

Labaid Hospitals, established in 1989, is known for its specialization, comprising Labaid Specialized Hospital (LSH) and Labaid Cardiac Hospital (LCH). LCH, accredited by NABH International, focuses on cardiac treatments, adding to the effectiveness of Labaid Hospitals’ services. The hospital’s longstanding reputation makes it a trusted choice for quality healthcare.

5. Asgar Ali Hospital

Asgar Ali Hospital, situated at Gandaria Beside Dhupkhola, Dhaka, is a leading hospital under City Group. Providing affordable thoracic surgery, cardiac surgery, and various other services, the hospital emphasizes a multidisciplinary tertiary care approach. Its reasonable treatment costs make it an accessible option for diverse medical needs.

6. Ibn Sina Specialized Hospital

Established in July 1983, Ibn Sina Specialized Hospital offers a wide range of services, including neurosurgery, liver treatment, and laparoscopic abdominal and colorectal surgery. Known for its sophisticated treatments and affordability, the hospital has earned positive feedback from patients. It continues to contribute significantly to Bangladesh’s healthcare landscape.

Top 10 Private Hospital in Bangladesh
Top 10 Private Hospital in Bangladesh

7. United Hospital Limited

As one of the top ten expensive private hospitals in Bangladesh, United Hospital Limited boasts expertise in various fields, including oncology, nephrology, gynecology, and respiratory care. With a dedicated COVID-19 unit and ICU, the hospital has played a crucial role in addressing healthcare challenges, providing a high standard of medical services.

8. Harun Eye Foundation Hospital

Founded in 1994, Harun Eye Foundation Hospital stands as the first well-furnished private eye hospital in Bangladesh. Specializing in sophisticated eye treatments and laser procedures, the hospital addresses the growing concerns related to eye diseases. Experienced ophthalmologists and surgeons make it a go-to choice for eye care needs.

9. Evercare Hospital

Formerly known as Apollo Hospital, Evercare Hospital is a JCI approved multidisciplinary tertiary care facility. With a successful autologous stem cell transplantation in 2016, it has solidified its position as a pioneer in providing advanced medical treatments. The hospital continues to uphold the highest standards of healthcare in Bangladesh.

10. BIRDEM Hospital

Despite being known as the Bangladesh Institute of Research and Rehabilitation in Diabetes, Endocrine, and Metabolize Disorders, BIRDEM Hospital extends its services beyond diabetes care. Catering to a wide range of medical needs, it has established itself as one of the best hospitals for diabetes patients in Bangladesh.


In conclusion, private hospitals in Bangladesh have become synonymous with quality healthcare, attracting patients seeking sophisticated medical services. The top 10 private hospitals highlighted in this article exemplify the diverse range of specialized treatments and services available in the country. As the healthcare landscape evolves, these institutions continue to play a pivotal role in ensuring the well-being of the population.

We invite you to share your thoughts and experiences with private hospitals in Bangladesh. Leave a comment below and let us know about your preferred healthcare institution. Your insights can help others make informed decisions about their medical care.

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