Jamuna Express Train Schedule & Ticket Price 2022

Jamuna Express runs from Dhaka to Bangabandhu Bridge Eastside Together with Tarakandi. On its way, there are numerous stoppages. To earn a journey with Jamuna Express, you will need to understand concerning the Jamuna Express train Schedule. Here I’ve mentioned all of the train scheduled from Dhaka to Trakandi and Tarakandi to Dhaka. Hope it helps you

Jamuna Express Train

Jamuna Express runs from Dhaka into Tarakandi. It begins the journey from Dhaka Kamlapur Railway station at 04:40 PM. It requires nearly 7 hours and 30 minutes to reach its destination. At 12.10’m it reaches Tarakandi, Bangabandhu Bridge East.

Jamuna Express Train Schedule & Ticket Price

Likewise, From Tarakandi it begins its journey at 1.10 am and hit Dhaka at 8.10 am. This train runs daily per week.

Jamuna Express Substations

On its way to journey, it requires stoppages on various substations. The passenger may get up & put down at the train from such channels. Below I’ve provided the train schedule of various substations.

Sub Station Up Time Down Time
Gaforgaon 6:59 PM 5:53 AM
Bimanbandor 5:12 PM 7:37 AM
Jamalpur 9:30 PM 3:44 AM
Joydevpur 5:40 PM 7:00 AM
Mymensingh 10:05 PM 05.05 AM
Jamuna Express Train Schedule & Ticket Price

Jamuna express Ticket Price

Train Ticket fare varies based on the course and your destination. Since Jamuna Express halts on many areas, and so the ticket fare varies based on place. Each of the train ticket bookings is cited on the table. Online ticket collection from Esheba.

Destination Sulov Shovan Shovan Chair First Class
Bangabandhu Bridge 120 200 240 320
Tarakandi 105 170 205 270
Sorisha Bari 100 165 195 260
Jamalpur 90 150 175 235
Mymensingh 65 110 130 175
Gaforgaon 50 80 95 125
Joydevpur 25 35 40 80
Jamuna Express Train Schedule & Ticket Price

Jamuna Express Facilities

Jamuna express provides distinct facilities to their passengers. Here are some facilities

  • First course AC passenger can take 56 Kg bags while the next class passenger could take 23 kg weight with no free.
  • Luggage’s could be reserved at the from the railroad station
  • Wheel Seat facilities will also be available for your passengers

Apart from this, Separate distances for Prayer. The first aid box is obtainable for emergency use. Police forces and railroad correspondent guarantees that the safety of these passengers.

Food Faculties of Jamuna Express

Like other intercity trains, Jamuna Express supplies the facilities of the meal to their passenger. There’s a canteen on Jamuna Express. Here you’ll find all sorts of foods such as Tea, Coffee, Burger, Fried Chicken, Mineral water, etc.

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Video of Jamuna Express train

Last but not least, Jamuna Express is among the greatest trains for seeing Dhaka into Tarakandi route. In case you’ve created a journey via Jamuna Express, Do not forget to discuss your adventures with us. We’d love to hear from you around Jamuna Express.

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