Dhaka to Comilla train schedule and Ticket Price 2022

Comilla is a wonderful city to visit. From Dhaka, it takes only a few hours to reach Comilla. Though there are multiple ways to travel from Dhaka to Comilla, it’s no secret that traveling by train is the chillest—and most scenic—option.

If you are searching for Dhaka to Comilla train schedule and ticket price, then you are in the right place. Here we have organized the latest and updated Dhaka to Comilla train schedule according to Bangladesh railway.

On the Dhaka Comilla route, two types of train services are available. The types are Intercity and Mail train. There are four intercity trains available on Dhaka to Comilla road. These are

  • MahanagarGodhuli- no off-day
  • Upakul Express- Tuesday is an off-day
  • Mahanagar Express- Sunday is a off-day
  • TurnaNishita- No off-day
  • MahanagarProvati- No off-day

These intercity trains don’t dedicatedly run on the Dhaka to the Comilla route. Except for Upakul Express, all the train route is Dhaka to Chittagong. Upakul Express runs on Dhaka to the Noakhali route.

Dhaka to Comilla train schedule and Ticket Price

Similarly, there are five mail trains on the Dhaka Comilla train route. Among them, the Comilla commuter is the only train for Dhaka to Comilla transport. Others are Dhaka to Chittagong train services and have a halt in Comilla.

These mail trains are:

  • Dhaka Mail
  • ComillaComuter
  • Karnafuli Express
  • Dhaka Express
  • Chattala Express

Dhaka to Comilla Train Schedule 2021:

Train NameDay OffDeparture StationDeparture TimeArrival StationArrival Time
Karnaphuli ExpressNoDhaka08:30Comilla14:20
Mohanagar ExpressSundayDhaka21:00Comilla00:52
Chittagong MailNoDhaka10:30Comilla16:00
Comilla CommuterMondayDhaka13:30Comilla19:52
Dhaka MailNoDhaka1:30Comilla6:55
Dhaka ExpressNoDhaka23:33Comilla6:40
Dhaka to Comilla train schedule and Ticket Price

Intercity Trains From Cumilla :

Train NoNameOff DayFromDepartureToArrival
703MahanagarGodhuliNoCumilla17:50 Dhaka21:25
711Upakul ExpressWednesdayCumilla08:03Dhaka11:45
712Upakul ExpressTuesdayCumilla19:04Noakhali21:20
719Paharika ExpressMondayCumilla12:10Sylhet18:00
720Paharika ExpressSaturdayCumilla16:35Chattogram19:35
721Mohanagar  ExpressSundayCumilla15:23Dhaka19:10
722Mohanagar  ExpressSundayCumilla01:50Chattogram04:50
723Udayan ExpressSaturdayCumilla00:34Sylhet06:00
724Udayan ExpressSundayCumilla03:10Chattogram06:00
785Bijoy ExpressWednesdayCumilla10:20Mymensingh15:55
786Bijoy ExpressTuesdayCumilla02:40Chattogram05:30
Train NoNameOff DayFromDepartureToArrival
1Dhaka MailNoCumilla01:22Dhaka07:20
2Chittagong MailNoCumilla04:07Chattogram06:20
3Karnafuli Express NoCumilla13:28Dhaka19:40
4Karnafuli Express NoCumilla14:45Chattogram18:15
11Dhaka ExpressNoCumilla23:35Dhaka04:25
12Noahkali ExpressNoCumilla02:00Noakhali04:40
13Jalalabad ExpressNoCumilla00:45Sylhet12:15
14Jalalabad ExpressNoCumilla07:25Chattogram12:00
37Mymensing ExpressnoCumilla20:38B.B.  East09:20
38Mymensing ExpressNoCumilla15:43Chattogram21:00
67Chattala ExpressTuesdayCumilla11:57 Dhaka15:50
68Chattala ExpressTuesdayCumilla17:08Chattogram20:30

Dhaka to Comilla Train Ticket Prices

Beside knowing the Dhaka to Comilla train schedule, you should know about the Dhaka to Comilla Train Ticket prices. The train ticket prices are different in Intercity and mail trains. The Intercity train ticket price are given below.

  • 1st Class Berth – 405 BDT
  • 1st Class Seat – 270 BDT
  • 2nd Class Mail  – 70 BDT
  • AC Berth – 702 BDT
  • AC Seat – 466 BDT
  • Commuter – 85 BDT
  • Shovon – 170 BDT
  • Shovon Chair – 205 BDT
  • Snigdha – 391 BDT
  • Sulov – 105 BDT

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