Top 10 Multinational companies in Bangladesh

Which is the Top 10 Multinational companies in Bangladesh?

The term “multinational” signifies a company’s presence in multiple countries, contributing significantly to the global economy. In Bangladesh, multinational companies (MNCs) play a pivotal role in economic development, infrastructure improvement, and elevating living standards. This article explores the top 10 multinational companies operating in Bangladesh, shedding light on their contributions to the nation’s growth.

Top MNCs That are Operating in Bangladesh

1. Unilever Bangladesh

Unilever, a consumer product manufacturing giant, stands as the largest MNC in Bangladesh. With operations in over 190 countries, Unilever owns 13 top FMCG brands, including Lifebuoy, Sunsilk, Knorr, Dove, and Lipton. Unilever entered Bangladesh in 1964 through a joint venture, and today, over 90% of households in Bangladesh use its products. The company’s commitment to the nation is evident through its significant presence and employment generation.

2. Nestle Bangladesh

Nestle, a Swiss-based food brand, entered Bangladesh in 1994 and has become a household name. With popular products like Nescafe, Maggi, and Milo, Nestle dominates the baby formula market with a 60% market share. The company’s success is rooted in its commitment to quality and safety, fostering trust among Bangladeshi consumers.

3. British American Tobacco Bangladesh

British American Tobacco (BAT), a global tobacco company, has a strong presence in Bangladesh. Established in 1910, BAT has evolved through various names and is currently the leader in Bangladesh’s tobacco market with a 66.6% market share. BAT’s contribution to the national exchequer and its position as one of the largest companies highlight its influence in the country.

Top 10 Multinational companies in Bangladesh
Top 10 Multinational companies in Bangladesh

4. Japan Tobacco International Bangladesh

Japan Tobacco International (JTI) emerged as a key player in Bangladesh’s tobacco industry in 1999 by acquiring Akij Group’s tobacco business. With brands like Winston and Camel, JTI holds a 12.6% market share and contributes significantly to the national exchequer. JTI’s acquisition strategy underscores its growth and influence in the Bangladeshi market.

5. Grameenphone Ltd.

Grameenphone, a telecom giant, embarked on its journey in 1997 with a mission to empower rural Bangladesh. As a joint venture with Telenor, Grameenphone holds a dominant 46.39% market share in the telecom sector. Beyond traditional services, the company offers digital solutions like GPAY and Bioscope, contributing to Bangladesh’s digital transformation.

6. Standard Chartered Bank

Standard Chartered Bank, the oldest foreign bank in Bangladesh since 1905, operates 24 branches and 96 booths across the country. Renowned for its expertise in foreign currencies, the bank introduced Islamic banking services in 2009, aligning with Shariah principles. Its commitment to innovation and customer service has earned it accolades, including the Best Digital Bank Award in Bangladesh for 2024.

7. Bata Shoe Company

Bata, though headquartered in the Czech Republic, has been a significant player in Bangladesh’s shoe market since 1962. With a market valuation of $125 million, Bata commands 40% of the country’s shoe market. The company’s historical role in supporting the Mukti Bahini during the liberation war adds to its legacy in Bangladesh.

8. P&G Bangladesh

Proctor & Gamble (P&G), an American MNC focusing on personal care items, has operated in Bangladesh since 1994. Partnering with PRAN Group, P&G emphasizes manufacturing grooming products locally, contributing to the country’s social and economic development. Brands like Pampers and Gillette underline P&G’s significance in the Bangladeshi market.

9. Coca Cola Bangladesh

Coca-Cola, a global beverage giant, has been present in Bangladesh since 1965, offering products like Coca-Cola, Fanta, and Sprite. With a commitment to environmental sustainability and community support, Coca-Cola has become a significant player in Bangladesh’s beverage industry, winning awards for corporate social responsibility.

10. Chevron Bangladesh

Chevron, the world’s leading energy company, operates in Bangladesh’s northeast fields, contributing 55% of the country’s natural gas production. Since signing Product Sharing Contracts in 1995, Chevron has been a major player in Bangladesh’s energy sector, emphasizing its commitment to the nation’s progress.


In conclusion, the top 10 multinational companies in Bangladesh are instrumental in driving economic growth, employment, and global influence. From consumer goods to telecom and energy, these MNCs have left an indelible mark on the nation’s development. As Bangladesh continues to thrive, these companies play a crucial role in shaping its economic landscape. What are your thoughts on the influence of multinational companies in Bangladesh? Feel free to share your insights in the comments below!

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