Panchagarh Express Train Schedule and Ticket Price 2022

Panchagarh Express is the fourth nonstop inter-city train of Bangladesh Railway. Train number is 793/794. The train will stop only at Panchagarh, Thakurgaon, Dinajpur, Parbatipur, Biman Bandar Airport and Kamlapur railway stations. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina launched the service through video conference on 25th May 2019 at 11:30 am. The initiative will speed up communication between the capital and northern most districts. Are you thinking of travelling in this trackway by train? Below you will get Panchagarh Express Schedule and Ticket Price for your convenience.

Panchagarh Express Train Schedule and Ticket Price

 About Panchagarh Express

Panchagarh Express is a luxurious intercity train with a total of 12 Coaches. The total distance from Dhaka to Panchagarh is 593 km which is very far from Dhaka. However, it is a non-stop direct intercity train service and it halts only in four stations.

Panchagarh Express Special Features

1. There is no off day. The train will run 7 days a week. So, you can plan your journey at the last minute as well.

2. Advanced quality coach – brand new.

3. The Train will run non-stop from Parabatipur to Dhaka to Parbatipur. Hence, no need of extra charge.

4. There are bio-toilets in the train coaches, these can be used even when the train is in stations.

5. There will be a digital display. The location of the train will be seen in the display.

6. This train has its own catering service like Banalata.

7. Bangladesh Railway has its own staff in the train’s attorney service.

Panchagarh Express Coach Range                                     

The total number of coaches will be 12.

AC chair coach – 1

AC cabin coach – 1

Guard Break + Food Coach – 2

Power Car + Saloon House + Decorating Chair – 1

Shovon chair coach – 7

Panchagarh Express Train Schedule

We have provided the train schedule of Panchagarh Express below. Please have a look to plan your trip.

Panchagarh Express – Dhaka to Panchagarh

Journey Start Time: 12:10 AM

Dhaka Airport:    12:42 AM

Parbatipur:            07:00 AM

Dinajpur:               07:37 AM

Thakurgaon:                    08:55 AM

Panchagarh (destination): 09:40 AM

Panchagarh Express – Panchagarh to Dhaka

Panchagarh:         01:15 PM

Thakurgoan:         01:53 PM

Dinajpur:    03:02 PM

Parbatipur: 03:55 PM

Dhaka Airport: 10:03 PM

Dhaka (destination):10:35 PM

Panchagarh Express Train Schedule

From Dhaka to Panchagarh

Shovon chair – 550

AC cabin – 1942

AC Chair – 1053

From Dhaka to Thakurgaon

Shovon chair – 520

AC cabin – 1833

AC Chair – 989

From Dhaka to Dinajpur

Shovon chair – 465

AC cabin – 1649

AC Chair – 892

From Dhaka to Parabatipur

Shovon chair – 440

AC cabin – 1563

AC Chair – 840

We have provided a table below so that you can have a better understanding of the prices.

FromToClass/TypeFare/ Ticket Price
DhakaPanchagarhShovon Chair550 BDT
DhakaPanchagarhAC Cabin1942 BDT
DhakaPanchagarhAC Chair1053 BDT
DhakaThakurgaonShovon Chair520 BDT
DhakaThakurgaonAC Cabin1833 BDT
DhakaThakurgaonAC Chair989 BDT
DhakaDinajpurShovon Chair465 BDT
DhakaDinajpurAC Cabin1649 BDT
DhakaDinajpurAC Chair892 BDT
DhakaParbatipurShovon Chair440 BDT
DhakaParbatipurAC Cabin1563 BDT
DhakaParbatipurAC Chair840 BDT

Panchagarh Express Seat layout –

Total seats,

uptrain total seats = 896 and

downtrain total seats = 871 .

Seat Booking percentage:

Panchagarh – 30%

Thakurgaon – 25%

Dinajpur – 30%

Parabatipur – 15%

From Dhaka Airport to Dhaka Kamlapur, no seat can be booked. So, there is no seat allocation.

 Panchagarh Express Ticket Booking

Do you want to buy this Train Ticket from the comfort of your home? Don’t worry! You will easily able to buy from your Android Phone or PC. Recently, Bangladesh Railway launched “Rail Sheba App” for Android users thus allowing everyone to buy train ticket online through their phone.

First of all, you have to install the official app from Google Play. After that, create an account. Account creation is free. Just you need to provide your real information. After that, follow the simple procedures and proceed to buy a train ticket from your phone.

Payment Process:

You can pay the Train Ticket Bill from your Android Phone via VISA or Master Card. If you don’t have a master card, don’t you worry! You can complete your payment using the Bkash payment system which is included in the app. So anyone can buy your desired train tickets from home or when you at work as well instead of physically visiting the counters, thus saving your valuable time.

 Panchagarh Express Train Tracking

You can easily track the Panchagarh Express train location through a mobile tracking service. For tracking of trains through the GPS system, you have to follow the following system.

Type Tr (Give Space), Type Train number/Train Code and send the SMS to 16318 (using GP/Robi/BL SIM). For Example, TR 793 or TR Panchagarh Express and send to 16318 to get the latest status of Subarna.

 Panchagarh Express Wrapping Up

With that, we have come to the end of our article. We genuinely hope that we could be of a bit of help to you in planning your journey by Panchagarh Express. We tried to include as much information as possible starting from details about Panchagarh Express train, train schedule, train ticket price, ticket booking and the payment process as well as for instructions regarding how you can track Panchagarh Express train through your phone. If you think you liked our article, we will be delighted if you please share it with others as it will help us grow. Also, if you look through our website, you will find that we have articles regarding not just Panchagarh Express but also other intercity trains such as Bijoy Express, Drutojan Express. Moreover, we also have articles regarding train schedules and ticket prices of the journey from Dhaka to Khulna, Dhaka to Jamalpur, Chittagong to Sylhet. These might be useful for you in the future as well. We wish you have a nice day and a good trip ahead!

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