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 Most drivers consider that most drivers follow the rules of the road while driving. Often they don’t even realize that they are in significant danger in sharing the road with many drivers, especially the big 18-wheeler drivers. Because of the sheer size of these machines, people can be injured in large-scale or catastrophic accidents.




At Caribbean Shaw, we aim to protect the rights of the families of those who died of personal injury and injustice. We actively seek maximum compensation for pain and suffering, lost wages, medical expenses, and many more that you may not seek. If you or a loved one was injured today by a commercial truck driver, call our offices so you can schedule an appointment with our San Antonio 18 Wheeler Accident Attorney to see what action we should take in your case.

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You can contact representatives of the insurance company and ask the answer to what it feels like to be a standard question after being involved in an 18-wheeler accident. It is important to know your rights before talking to any insurance company to protect your case and future rewards. The first step in securing these items is to talk to our seasoned San Antonio truck accident lawyers for a free consultation and the rest of the team, who will work tirelessly to protect the best interests of you and your family.

The drivers of the big rigs put others in grave danger. Often this is not done simply because the driver does not follow the appropriate protocol. For example, they fail to take time for necessary rest or do not log their driving times properly. But sometimes, drivers can drive carelessly because they feel pressured to meet the strict deadlines given by their employer. If you find yourself in the comfort of an 18-wheeler accident, rest assured that Carabin Shaw we are by your side, and we are here to help you 24/7, but the driver on the road may be negligent and may endanger another. There give us a call so that we can start helping you.

Our San Antonio 18 Wheeler Accident Attorney Protects Seriously Injured:

Tire blouses

Truck driver fatigue

Mechanical failure

Reckless driving and speed

Failed to obey traffic laws and signs

Driving is annoying

Texting while driving

Violation of rules prescribed by the Department of Transportation

Failure to take appropriate safety measures when backing up or driving within city limits

Federal motor carrier safety administration, including failure to take the necessary rest or failure to properly log their hours

After thoroughly investigating your accident claim with professional resources such as crash-site reconstruction experts, we will determine all parties who may be responsible for the accident. This could include companies that failed to enforce specific rules set by the industry, such as weight and load restrictions, leased trailers that may not have received proper maintenance, or that may be actual truck drivers.

The reality is that the guilt of an accident can rest on many hands. Naturally, our 18-wheeler accident attorneys serving San Antonio will first look at the driver to see what they have done or what they have done that could have caused damage or death. We then built a truck to see if mechanical problems had played a role in the wreckage. We will continue this process until we have peeled off all stages of your process and disclosed it to all responsible parties.

With medical experts when needed, we would like to get the maximum compensation from all the negligent parties and their insurance companies. By doing this, we will help you recover your lost salary and medical expenses after an 18-wheeler accident. Compensation for losing companionship and anything else we will be able to recover.

At Carabiner Shaw, we have the resources and experience we need to get the maximum compensation for you and your loved ones after a severe 18-wheeler accident. Contact 210-222-2288 to schedule a free initial consultation with our 18 Wheeler Accident Attorney serving San Antonio for more information.

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