HSC Routine 2021 has recently been exposed by the Education Ministry of Bangladesh and Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board of Bangladesh. By the HSC Examination routine 2021, the HSC Examination will be started on April 1, 2021. It’ll run till May 5. It’s the maximum degree of education schools. Candidacy attends in HSC Examination later the two years of HSC Exam. It is the maximal level of education colleges. Following that, the students take preparation to acknowledge themselves at the college. Here we’ve added information of HSC Routine 2019 together with the date and time of all education Boards.

HSC Routine
HSC Routine

If you’re interested in finding the HSC Exam routine 2021, then you’re in the ideal location. Here You’ll Find the HSC Exam method, HSC Exam proposal, All Education Board Exam routine, HSC Exam Marks Supply, and kind fill of HSC, etc. I hope this manual will be conducive to you.

HSC Routine 2021 All Education Board

HSC Routine 2021 has been printed on the Dhaka Education Board’s official site. All Education Board HSC routine is Just like another education Board of Bangladesh. You may learn that there are nine education boards in Bangladesh. The education Boards are

  • Dhaka Education Board
  • Rajshahi Education Board
  • Comilla Education Board
  • Jessore Education Board
  • Chittagong Education Board
  • Barisal Education Board
  • Sylhet Education Board
  • Mymensingh Education Board
  • Dinajpur Education Board 

Apart from these, there are just two education boards of Bangladesh. Another is that the Technical Education Board that copes with distinct technical education Boards of Bangladesh. It is main to know that all the educational institutions of these boards follow the Same Higher Secondary Exam routine in Bangladesh. Bangladesh Open University includes another routine. We’ve supplied the routine on the subsequent parts of their content.

HSC Routine 2021 All Education

SubjectsDate and DaySubject Name
10 am to 1 PM2 Pm- 5 PM
Bangla Compulsory 1st Paper -10101-04-20
Bangla Compulsory 2nd Paper – 10202-04-20
English Compulsory 1st Paper – 10704-04-20
English Compulsory 2nd Paper – 10806-04-20
ICT -17508-04-20
Physics 1st Paper -17411-04-20
Accounting 1st Paper – 253Saturday
Logic 1st Paper -121
Physics 2nd Paper -17515-04-20
Accounting 2nd Paper -254Wednesday
Logic 2nd Paper – 122
Economic 1st Paper-10916-04-20
Engineering Drawing 1st Paper -180Thursday
Economic 2nd Paper – 11018-04-20
Engineering Drawing 2nd paper -1 – 222Saturday
Engineering Drawing 2nd paper -2 – 182
Engineering Drawing 2nd paper -3 -183
Chemistry 1st Paper- 17619-04-20Short music 1st paper -216
Islamic History and Culture 1st Paper – 267Sunday
History 1st Paper – 304
Home Management and Family Relationship 1st Paper – 197
Home Management and Family Life 1st Paper -282
Production, Management and Sale 1st Paper – 286
Chemistry 2nd Paper -17721-04-20Short music 2nd paper -217
Islamic History and Culture 2nd Paper -168Tuesday
History 2nd Paper – 305
Home Management and Family Relationship 2nd Paper -198
Home Management and Family Life 2nd Paper – 283
Production, Management and Sale 2nd Paper -287
Geography 1st Paper -12522-04-20
Classical music 1st Paper – 218Wednesday
Geography 2nd Paper – 12623-04-20
Classical music 2nd Paper – 219Thursday
Civics 1st Part – 26925-Apr-20General Science and Chemistry 1st Paper – 192
Biology 1st Part – 178SaturdayGeneral Science and Biology 1st Paper – 193
Business Management 1st Part – 277Food and Nutrition 1st Paper -279
Civics 2nd Part – 27027-04-20General Science and Food and Nutrition – 194
Biology 2nd Part – 179MondayFood and Nutrition 2nd Paper -280
Business Management 2nd Part – 278
Statistics 1st Paper -12928-04-20
Psychology 1st Paper – 123Tuesday
Agricultural Studies 1st Paper – 239
Soil Science 1st Paper – 288
Arts and Textiles and Clothing Industry 1st Paper – 255
Art and Textile Parts 1st Paper – 284
Fine Arts 1st Paper – 225
Statistics 2nd Paper -13029-04-20
Psychology 2nd Paper – 124Wednesday
Agricultural Studies 2nd Paper – 280
Soil Science 2nd Paper – 289
Arts and Textiles and Clothing Industry 2nd Paper – 256
Art and Textile Parts 2nd Paper – 285
Fine Arts 2nd Paper -226
Higher Maths 1st Paper- 26530-04-20Home Economics 1st Paper -273
Islamic Studies 1st Paper -249ThursdayArabic 1st Paper -133
Sanskrit 1st Paper -134
Pali 1st Paper -139
Higher Maths 2nd Paper -26602-05-20Home Economics 2nd Paper -274
Islamic Studies 2nd Paper – 250SaturdayArabic 2nd Paper- 134
Sanskrit 2nd Paper – 138
Pali 2nd Paper – 140
Finance, Banking 1st Paper -29203-05-20Social Science 1st Paper -117
Growth of Children 1st Paper -298SundaySocial Works 1st Paper – 271
Sports 1st Paper
Finance, Banking 2nd Paper -29304-05-20Social Science 2nd Paper -118
Growth of Children 2nd Paper -299MondaySocial Works 2nd Paper -272
Sports 2nd Paper

Here is the daily round of all Higher Secondary Education Board of Bangladesh. We’ve added two change of exam instances here. We also added all of the subject code.

According to the HSC routine supplied by the education board, the HSC Exam will start using Bangla’s initial paper initially in April 2021. The exam will be held on two changes. The morning Change exam will start at 10 AM and finishes at 1 AM. The day change exam will start at two PM and run for 3 hours. The exam timetable is dependent upon the overall marks of this exam. We’ve supplied the marks Distribution of this HSC exam later with this report. We recommend checking twice your topic exam date. It’s also suggested to maintain memorize the topic code. From the response paper, you need to fill the topic code at the OMR form. That’s a significant part of the exam.

HSC Routine 2021 Download

The preceding routine is somewhat confusing for someone. If you’re trying to find Picture and PDF version of this routine, you can go. The Education Board authority prints the next exact routine. We have connected the pdf version of the HSC Examination schedule 2021 here. I hope it can allow you to receive the appropriate time for this routine. The HSC Exam begins on April 1, 2021. It ends on May 4, 2021

HSC Routine 2021 PDF Download

 HSC Practical Exam routine 2021

HSC practical exam would be held from May 5, 2021, to May 13, 2021. On this date, Exam centers have to take the practical exam. The Practical exam program will be offered from the Exam Center. Students have to accumulate the HSC Practical exam routine 2021 in the notice board of the various center.

Education for HSC 2021 Nominees

Students must take seats on the exam hall at least 30 minutes before the exam begins.

  • MCQ exam will be accepted
  • Creative Query will be provided following the MCQ test.
  • Students will get 30 minutes for MCQ test and 2.30 hours for CQ test
  • There’ll be no period between the two tests.

Morning change Exam Timetable

  • OMR Sheet will be provided at 9.30 AM
  • MCQ Question will be provided at 10.00 AM
  • In 10.30 AM OMR Sheet will be gathered along with CQ Question will be provided
  • For 25 Marks MCQ Question, the period duration will probably be 25 Minutes.

Day Shift Timetable

  • 1.30 PM: OMR Sheet will be supplied
  • 2.00 PM: MCQ Question Paper will be supplied
  • 2.30 PM: MCQ Answer Sheet will be taken

HSC Exam will be accepted by this schedule mentioned in Question Paper

  • A candidate must collect acknowledge the card from his establishment.
  • Students have to take Admit card, Together with Registration Card.
  • The practical exam will be obtained individually.

HSC Exam 2021 Marks Distribution

All of the HSC topics have two newspapers. Students need to get involved in the exam from both newspapers. The students must pass both documents individually. Even they have to written permission in both the MCQ test and the CQ test separately. Virtually all areas have MCQ and CQ outside of English. The English test will be taken on 100% written test. We’ve provided the specifics of Marks Distribution of HSC 2021.

HSC Examination Candidates

According to the Dialystar.net, a leading daily newspaper of Bangladesh, in the year 2019, Total 13, 51,505 students have taken part in the HSC Exam 2019. They’re out of 9081 educational associations. The amount of female students is higher than male students. Absolute 6, 87,009 female applicants have emerged about the exam. On the flip side, 6, 64,496 male students are participating in the exam.

As we mentioned earlier, there are eight general education boards in Bangladesh. The above statistics are for the overall education board students. By the Madrasha Education Board, 88,451 students participate in HSC Equivalent exam. Likewise, 1, 24, 264 pupils had emerged the Technical Education Board Exam.

If you compare it using 2018, complete 40,048 students have grown from the year 2019. Each year the amount of the attendee on HSC Exam are rising. It’s almost certain that in 2021 the amount is going to be the greatest.

Alim Exam 2019 Routine

Alim exam is your equal exam of HSC. HSC is the exam of the overall education board, in which a candidate out of Madrasah Education Board participates on the Alim Exam. The Exam routine is exactly the Exact Same General Education Board. We’ll offer the routine when it’s going to be published.

HSC Examination 2021 Form Fill UP

HSC Examination type fills up procedure begins from September 2019. If you’re HSC Examinee, you ought to mindful concerning the Form split up. It would be best if you went to regular faculty to find the watch timely. According to the mailbox, Science students need to cover 760 BDT to all their topics.

As Business Studies and Humanities students do not have any technical exam, they must spend less than Science students. We’ve broken down the fee HSC Exam under

  • Every Topics Fee-95 BDT
  • Each Practical Exam fee-25 BDT
  • Academic Transcript Fee-50 BDT
  • Certification Fee-100 BDT
  • Exam Center Fee-300 BDT
  • Girls Guide and Rover scout Fee-15 BDT
  • National Education Week -5 BDT

HSC Admit Card 2021

HSC Admit card is going to be offered together with the establishment. Usually, the admit card has been granted before the three days of the examination date. Students have to accumulate the admit card in their college. They must take it in the examination hall. Otherwise, he won’t be allowed to chair to the exam. Thus, don’t forget to accumulate the admit card in the establishment.

HSC Result 2021

According to the principles of the Education Ministry, the HSC Result 2021 will likely be released in July 2021. Since the exam isn’t launched yet, the particular date isn’t printed by the Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education. Whenever they released the date, we’ll update the facts of HSC Result 2021.

This is all about HSC routine 2021. In case you have any confusion, let us know. We’re prepared to help you. Wishing you the good fortune to the forthcoming HSC Exam

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