Dhaka to Tangail Train Schedule and Ticket Price 2022

Personally, the train journey is the most wonderful journey to me and preferable for traveling long distances for various reasons and Dhaka to Tangail train journey is one of the foremost brilliant ventures to me. In case anybody needs to visit the Northern portion and Southern portion of Bangladesh through Bangladesh Railway, at that point he should go by means of Tangail. So, Dhaka to Tangail route has numerous trains. Tangail is one of the central cities of Bangladesh with great historical background and beautiful natural scenarios. It is part of the Mymensingh locale. If you need to travel from Dhaka to Tangail or reversely Tangail to Dhaka, you would need to know Dhaka to Tangail train schedules. Here we have centered on this topic.

Dhaka to Tangail Train Schedule and Ticket Price
Dhaka to Tangail Train Schedule and Ticket Price

Dhaka to Tangail Train Schedule

Dhaka to Tangail route has a lot of trains. There is 11 Intercity train available on that route. The detailed timetable according to Bangladesh Railway is shown below. Though there are enough trains on this route there are no dedicated train services for Dhaka to Tangail. Most of the intercity train has a stoppage in Tangail. Let’s check the complete schedule. All the train timetable is from the Bimanbandar / Airport station.

Train Name (Number) Departure Time Off Day
Ekota express ( 705) 10:32 Tuesday
Sundarban express ( 725) 6:52 Wednesday
Lalmani express (752) 22:42 Friday
Silkcity express (754) 15:12 Sunday
Drutajan express (758) 20:32 Wednesday
Padma express (759) 23:42 Tuesday
Chitra express (764) 19:32 Monday
Nilsagar (765) 8:40 Monday
Dumketu express (769) 6:32 Saturday
Rangpur express (771) 9:32 Sunday
Sirajgonj express (776) 17:32 Saturday
Dhaka to Tangail Train Schedule and Ticket Price

Disclaimer: This schedule based on Bangladesh Railway Website. Bangladesh Railway is authorized to change the train timetable anytime.

Tangail to Dhaka Train Schedule

Tangail to Dhaka trains is the same as Dhaka to Tangail. The same train runs across the route. If you want to visit Tangail to Dhaka by train then the following train Schedule may help you to reach Dhaka as your destinations. Though trains are the same, schedule and train numbers vary.

Name (Train No) Off Day Departure
Ekota Express (706) Monday 5:42
Sundarban Express (725) Tuesday 3:30
Lalmoni Express (752) Friday 18:47
Silkcity Express (754) Sunday 11:08
Drutajan Express (758) Wednesday 16:08
Padma Express (760) Tuesday 19:30
Chitra Express (763) Monday 15:20
NillSagar Express (766) Sunday 4:52
Sirajgonj Express (775) Saturday 7:58
Dhaka to Tangail Train Schedule and Ticket Price

Ekota Express:

Ekota Express runs Dhaka – Dinajpur route. From Dhaka the Train Number is 705 and reversely From Dinajpur the train Number is 706. Tuesday and Monday are the off days from Dhaka to Dinajpur and Dinajpur to Dhaka respectively.

At 10.00 AM the train starts its journey from Dhaka and Reaches Biman Bandar at 10.30 AM. It takes 2 hours to reach Tangail from Dhaka Kamlapur Railway station.

Similarly, From Tangail it starts the journey at 5.00 PM and reaches Dhaka Kamlapur Railway station at 8.00 PM.

Sundarban Express:

Sundarban Express runs Dhaka to Khulna Route. It starts Journey from Dhaka at 6.20 AM and reaches Tangail at 8.35 AM. Similarly, From Tangail, Sundarban Express starts at 3.30 am and reaches Biman Bandar Station at 5 O’Clock. The train runs 6 days a week except for Wednesday &Tuesday from Dhaka and Tangail respectively. The Train number is 725 and 726.

Lalmoni Express:

Lamoni Express runs every day except Friday in a week. The train numbers are 751 and 752. From 10.00 PM it starts the journey from Dhaka and the departure from Tangail is at 6.47 PM. The total duration to reach Dhaka to Tangail is about 2 hours.

Silk city Express:

This train runs on Dhaka to Rajshahi or Rajshahi to Dhaka Route. On the way, it has a stoppage at Tangail. The 753 numbered train starts the journey from Dhaka at 2.30 PM. The train number is 754 from Tangail. Sunday is the off day.

Drutojan Express:

From the Airport Station of Dhaka, Drutojan Express starts the journey at 8.30 PM while reversely from Tangail it leaves for Dhaka at 4.08 PM. 757 and 758 are the train numbers from Dhaka and Tangail respectively. Wednesday, however, is an off day.

Padma Express:

The train’s numbers are 759 and 760 while running on Dhaka to Tangail route. Padma Express starts its journey at 11.40 PM from the airport station to Rajshahi. It reaches Tangail at 1.40 AM. Similarly, at 7.30 PM it starts its journey to Dhaka from Tangail. It reaches Dhaka at 9.30 PM. Padma Express runs 7 days a week.

Chitra Express:

Train Number 764 and 765 indicate the name of Chitra Express. Chitra Express runs Dhaka to Khulna ViaTangail. It starts the journey from Dhaka at 7.00 PM in the evening. From Khulna, it starts journey 8.30 AM and reaches Tangail station at 3.30 PM. Therefore, if you want to travel from Tangail to Dhaka by Chitra Express then you have to present on Chitra Express before 3.30 PM.

Nilsagar Express:

If you would like to make a journey in the morning Nilsagar Express will be the best choice. It is basically running on Dhaka to Nilphamari route. Nilsagar Express starts its journey from Nilphamary at 9.20 pm. It halts at Tangail at 4.50 AM and reaches Dhaka at 7.10 AM. Again, it runs to Nilphamary from Dhaka at 8.40 AM. So, 8.40 AM and 4.50 AM is the train time from Dhaka and Tangailrespectively. The train numbers are 765 and 766. The train has no schedule on Monday.

Sirajgonj Express:

The train name indicates its destination place. It follows the route Dhaka -Sirajgonj via Tangail. It departs from Dhaka at 5.00 Pm from Dhaka and 8.00 AM from Tangail. The train doesn’t run on Saturday from Tangail and Sunday from Dhaka. The train number according to Bangladesh Railway is 775 and 776.

Dhomketu Express:

Dhomketu Express is the train of Dhaka to Rajshahi Route. But it is only a one-way train. If you want to make a trip from Dhaka Then you can choose Dhomketu Express. It halts atTangail on its way to Rajshahi but it doesn’t have a stoppage if it departs from Rajshahi. Dhomketo Express runs 6.00 O’clock from Dhaka and 6.30 from Airport Stations.

Rangpur Express:

Rangpur Express holds 771 numbers. Like Dhomketu it is also a one-way train. Though the train route is Dhaka to Rangpur. On its way to Rangpur, it halts in Dhaka Airport Railway station at 9.32 AM to reach the destination of Tangail. Sunday is the off day.

Tangail Commuter:

Tangail Commuter doesn’t run on Friday. It starts its journey from Tangail at 20.25 and 7.07 AM. Similarly, From Dhaka station, it also runs from Dhaka at 20.50 and 9.30 AM.

Mail train:

There is another mail train on this route that departs from Tangail at 8.42 AM and reaches Dhaka at 11.00 AM. Mail train runs every day in a week. Except for this, all the above mention trains are intercity trains.

Dhaka to Tangail Train Ticket Prices

Bangladesh Railway has a different class system on their services. Ticket price also varies from class to class. Here are all the train ticket prices. It is noted that sometimes ticket prices can vary according to the train name. It is in the general ticket price.

  • Shovon -90 BDT.
  • Shovon Chair -105 BDT.
  • First Seat -175 BDT.
  • 1st Birth -140 BDT.
  • Snigdha- 210 BDT.
  • AC Seat -210 BDT.
  • AC Birth- 315 BDT.

This is the complete information of the Dhaka to Tangail Train schedule. Hoping this guide helps you plan an awesome tour with minimal time in hand. The train journey is really comfortable and enjoyable than the bus journey. At the same time, it is quicker than the bus also. That is why people love the train journey!

I hope this train schedule and the train ticket price will help you to make a nice trip. Have a safe journey.

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