Dhaka to Kolkata Train Schedule and Ticket Price 2022

Want to cross from Bangladesh to Kolkata by train? Though there are multiple ways to cross overland from Kolkata to Dhaka or vice versa, it’s no secret that traveling by train is the chillest—and most scenic—option.

Maitree Express Train was inaugurated on 14-04-08 on the Bengali New Year Day (PahelaBaisakh) 1415 and it connected the train line of Dhaka with Kolkata, reviving the rail link that used to exist before partition in 1947. If you are looking for the perfect way to complete your trip to Kolkata, or if you are looking for a good start to your Indian adventure, the way to go is to take the train from Dhaka to Kolkata which is the Maitree Express.

Schedule, time, and fares for the Dhaka to Kolkata train

Name and Number of the train of Maitree Express:

  • BR Rake: From Dhaka to Kolkata – 3107 From Kolkata to Dhaka – 3108
  • IR Rake: From Kolkata to Dhaka – 3109 From Dhaka to Kolkata – 3110

Running days: Trains from Dhaka Cantonment to Kolkata station (Chitpur) run on Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays and Fridays.

Dhaka to Kolkata Train Schedule and Ticket Price
  • BR Rake 3107 will run on Friday from Dhaka to Kolkata and 3108 Saturday from Kolkata to Dhaka
  • BR Rake 3107 will run on Sunday from Dhaka to Kolkata and 3108 Monday from Kolkata to Dhaka
  • IR Rake 3109 will run on Friday from Kolkata to Dhaka and 3110 Saturday from Dhaka to Kolkata
  • IR Rake 3109 will run on Tuesday from Kolkata to Dhaka and 3110 Wednesday from Dhaka to Kolkata

Officially, the train journey should take 10 hours, 12 if you include immigration.

Maitree Express train ticket price:

  • 2,500 Tk for AC Chair class
  • 3,400 Tk for a first class cabin

Price includes 500 Tk Bangladesh travel tax (for exiting the country).

AC First/Cabin for 3,400 Tk: Cabins which can seat 4 people, the highest class.

AC Chair for 2,500 Tk: Cushioned seats in a 3-2 arrangement throughout the car, with tables for the center rows. The first photo in this post is of my AC Chair car.

Tickets for children under 5 are 50% of the full fare.

How and where to buy tickets?

Buying a train ticket for the Maitree Express isn’t too complicated, but try to book several days in advance to ensure you have a seat.

Unfortunately, you cannot buy tickets online; they must be bought in person. You need to present your passport to buy the tickets, or give your passport to whomever will buy them for you.

Catering Services

Each rake will have a pantry car/CDR coach to provide catering services to the passengers on payment. Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) staff will provide catering services between Kolkata and Gede in both the rakes as well as in both directions. BR will provide catering services between Darsana and Dhaka in both the rakes and in both directions. For the BR rake, CDR, i.e. the dining car will be taken over by the working guard between Darsana and Gede, who will hand over the CDR coach to the catering staff at Gede and Darsana respectively.

So the next time you plan a visit to Kolkata, hop in the train and enjoy a wonderful journey!

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