Dakhil Result 2022 Madrasah Education Board

Dakhil Exam is equivalent to SSC(Secondary School Certificate) Exam in Bangladesh. Dakhil Exam is conducted and graded by the Madrasah Education Board. Alia Madrasah was established in 1780 by British government and he formed Madrasah education Board of Bengal. Madrasah Education was then started formally. The official website of Bangladesh Madrasah Education Board, Dhaka is http://bmeb.ebmeb.gov.bd/ , the contact information of Madrasah Education Board is:
Address: 2 Orphanage Road, Baksibazar, Dhaka
Phone: 8626138, Accounts department : 9675520
Fax: 8616681, 8620841
E-mail: info@bmeb.gov.bd

Dakhil Result Madrasah Education Board
Dakhil Result Madrasah Education Board

Dakhil Exam begins on the same date as SSC Exam every year.

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Dakhil Result 2021 Madrasah Education Board

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Let us clarify about SSC result 2021. This is I recorded the main topics and subtopics.

When will Dakhil Result 2021 get published?

Are you a Dakhil Candidate 2021? Dakhil Exam Result 2021 Madrasah Education Board has been announced to get published on 31st May (Thursday) 2021, the day SSC & all similar exam result will be announced. Secondary School Certificate (SSC) and Dakhil exam 2021 was held from February 2021 and continued up to March 2021. Madrasah Education Board SSC Examination ended on 5th  March 2021. So Madrasah Education Board and Bangladesh All Education Board SSC Examination Result 2021 will be published on the same date and time.

Dakhil Exam 2021 started03 February 2021
Dakhil Exam First subject NameQuran Mazid and tazvid
Last Subject NameBiology
Dakhil Exam was End05 March 2021

Several examinees sat for SSC 2021, Dakhil Exam 2021. Only under Madrasa Board almost 2 Lac 56 Thousands & 380 Hundreds examinees sat for Dakhil exam 2021.

SSC Result 2021 of all boards and Dakhil Result 2021 will be published on 7th May 2021. It is a prospective date and the accurate date is still unknown since the education board has not given any official date for publication of SSC Result 2021/ Dakhil Result 2021. Keep an eye on this site for SSC Result Comilla Board 2021 with full marksheet, SSC Result Mymensing Board 2021 with full marksheet, SSC Result Dhaka Board 2021 with full marksheet, SSC Result Barishal Board 2021 with full marksheet, SSC Result Chittagong Board 2021 with Full Marksheet, SSC Result Sylhet Board 2021 with full marksheet etc.

How can I see my Dakhil Result 2021?

Are you searching for Dakhil Result 2021? You have come to the right place because here, on our website, you get to see your Dakhil Result 2021 Madrasah Education easily and quickly. We shared all of the processes get Dakhil Result 2021 through online process, Dakhil Result from Dakhil Result Mobile SMS systems, Dakhil Examination result from Madrasah Education Board official website, and Dakhil result related important things. Therefore keep reading carefully if you want to see your madrasah board SSC result 2021.

Dakhil Result 2021 online

This is the era of internet and so to make your result day hassle-free your result is now published online. You do not have to go to your institute for your Dakhil Result 2021 but rather with a few clicks on a few websites enable you to view your Dakhil result 2021. This is very easy, fast and preferable by the majority. If you want to see your result from online go to any of the following websites :

  1. http://www.educationboardresults.gov.bd/
  2. https://eboardresults.com/app/

www.educationboardresults.gov.bd website is a very popular website in Bangladesh. I love this website which is Bangladesh’s education board’s official website because I can collect all results from there easily and fast than any other websites. Not only you can see the Dakhil exam result but you can also see all Government educational results from there. You can easily see your result and download your result from there by follow the instructions:

  • Click this links ⇒⇒ www.educationboardresults.gov.bd
  • Select Examination  SSC/Dakhil
  • Select Year 2021
  • Give your Roll Number
  • Give Registration number
  • Fill up the math box with the correct answer
  • Then click on submit
  • Wait for a few Seconds

  • first, go to this website⇒⇒ https://eboardresults.com/app/stud/
  • Select Examination SSC/Dakhil/Equivalent
  • Select Year 2021
  • Select Madrasah Board
  • Select Result type individual
  • Give Roll number
  • Give Registration number (optional)
  • fill up the math box with the correct answer
  • then click on Get result

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Dakhil Exam Result 2021 via Mobile SMS

Who are wants to get SSC Dakhil result 2021 via mobile SMS systems fast and easy? We have good news for them because below we shared the full process of Bangladesh Madrasah Education Board SSC Exam Result mobile by SMS systems. Bangladesh is still a developing country so all people might not have smartphones or computer to get access to internet and so they can see their result via mobile SMS systems easily.

Note: If you do not have enough balance to get SSC Dakhil Result 2021 please re-charge your mobile sim fast.

  • Go to mobile SMS option
  • Then Write Dakhil <Space> Mad <Roll Number> <Space> Year 2021 and send to 16222
  • For Example: Dakhil MAD 123456 2021 and sent to 16222
  • Then wait for the reply: Dakhil Result message.

Dakhil Exam Result 2021 Marksheet

Did you see your dakhil result? if your answer is yes, now it is time see your dakhil result maksheet. The very excellent news is you can see and download your marksheet easily from our website. Click on https://eboardresults.com/app/stud/

  • then fill up with correct exam information
  • then click on get result
  • then download your Dakhil Marsheet 2021

Dakhil Re-Scrutiny Result 2021

Dakhil Re-Scrutiny Result or Board Challenge, Khata Challenge is for candidates who do not get the desired result. They can then challenge the board for rechecking the script of a particular subject(s).

It is possible to review results from teletalk operators.

Note:  Tk 125 will be deducted for the application of each subject.

  • First go to your Teletalk Mobile Message
  • Then type:  RSC <Space> Your Board First Three Letter <Space> Roll Number <Space> Your Subject Code
  • For Example: RSC RAJ 123434 101 Then Sent to 16222
  • You will get replay message, they shall sent to your a pin number in this reply message.
  • They shall sent to your their term and condition if you agree with thier term conditions, so please follow the below instructions.
  • Type: RSC <Space> YES <Space> Your Pin Number <Space> Your Mobile Number and Sent to 16222
  • For Example: RSC YES 012********** 01903123727 and Sent to 16222
  • Generally, Re-scrutiny Result is published within one month after the result published date.

Keep an eye on this site for any update on Dakhil Exam 2021, Madrasah Board, SSC Exam 2021 etc. We will publish the result here once it is published. Good luck for your result.

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