Chittagong to Sylhet Train Schedule 2022 and Ticket Price

If you are looking to travel by train from Chittagong to Sylhet, stay right here as we are going to be providing you with all the information that you need. It is a well-known fact that Bangladesh is one of the most populous countries in the world. With that, being a developing country means that facing traffic jam is an everyday thing for the citizens. While it is a hassle for everyone, it definitely is not a pleasant thing to experience while we are on a long journey. So, traveling by train is relatively more comfortable than by bus or private cars as we do not have to experience traffic jams. Also, it is extremely affordable for people of all income groups. Therefore, in this platform, we will be providing you with the train schedule and ticket prices of Chittagong to Sylhet.

Chittagong to Sylhet Train Services

There are three train services available running in the Chittagong to Sylhet train route. Two of them being intercity trains and the other being a mail train. The names of the train are provided below –

□ Udayan Express

□ Paharika Express

□ Jalalabad Express

Chittagong to Sylhet Train Schedule

In this segment, we will discuss the schedules of all the intercity and mail trains running on the Chittagong to Sylhet route. If you want to visit from Chittagong to Sylhet, intercity trains will be the better choice for you as mail trains are not as fast as intercity trains. So it would be wise to choose an intercity train for your journey. However, the country is gradually setting up high-speed trains. When it is implemented, it is anticipated that it may be possible to reach Sylhet from Chittagong within just two hours. Below, we will provide the schedules of Chittagong to Sylhet accordingly.

Chittagong to Sylhet Train Schedule

Jalalabad Express: Jalalabad Express is the only mail train service in the Chittagong to Sylhet route. The serial number of the Jalalabad Express train is 13. It leaves from Chittagong railway station at 7:30 PM and arrives at Sylhet station at 11:00 AM. There is no off day for Jalalabad Express.

Udayan Express: Udayan express is an intercity train in the Chittagong to Sylhet route. Udayan express train code is 723. It departs from Chittagong railway station at 11:45 PM and arrives at the Sylhet railway station at 6:20 AM. This train does not operate on Saturday only but does operate on the rest of the days of the week.

Paharika Express: Paharika Express is an excellent intercity train service in the Chittagong to Sylhet route. The code number of the Paharika Express train is 719. Paharika Express time schedule from Chittagong railway station is at 9:00 AM and reaches Sylhet railway station at 5:50 PM. The stoppages of Paharika Express when it is travelling from Chittagong to Sylhet are Comilla station and Akhaura railway station. This train is available six days a week and its off day is Monday.


Train NoTrain NameOff DayDepartureFromArrivalTo
13Jalalabad ExpressNo off day07:30 PMChittagong11.00 AMSylhet
723Udayan ExpressSaturday11:45 PMChittagong06.20 AMSylhet
719Paharika ExpressMonday09:00 AMChittagong05.50 PMSylhet

As additional information, we are providing the train schedule of Sylhet to Chittagong as well.


Train NoTrain NameOff DayDepartureFromArrivalTo
14Jalalabad ExpressNo off day10.50 PMSylhet01.30 PMChittagong
724Udayan ExpressSunday09.20 PMSylhet05.50 AMChittagong
720Paharika ExpressSaturday10.15 AMSylhet07.45 PMChittagong


Sylhet to Chittagong Ticket Price

The total distance from Chittagong to Sylhet is about 285 kilometers, The approximate train journey being 8 to 9 hours. According to the distance and train facilities, Bangladesh Railway determines the ticket prices. All train fares in Bangladesh are usually dependent on Train facilities. According to the Bangladesh Railway system, the following ticket price is applicable for people travelling from Chittagong to Sylhet –

• 2nd Class General – 90 tk

• 2nd Class Mail – 125 tk

• Commuter – 160 tk

• Shulov – 190 tk

• Shovon – 315 tk

• Shovon Chair – 375 tk

• Snigdha – 719 tk

• 1st Class Seat – 500 tk

• 1st Class Berth – 745 tk

• AC Seat – 857 tk

• AC Berth – 11288 tk


One advantage for passengers in traveling by intercity trains is that it provides good enough facilities. Both Udayan Express and Paharika Express have one food compartment where you can take food when you need. The trains also have a prayer room for Muslim travelers. The security system of intercity trains is also pretty good.    

Sylhet to Chittagong Stoppage Stations

Chittagong to Sylhet train stoppage station names are given below-

▪ Chittagong Station

▪ Feni Station

▪ Comilla Station

▪ Akhaura Station

▪ Srimangal Station

▪ Kulaura Station

▪ Maizgaon Station

▪ Sylhet Station

Sylhet to Chattogram Online Train Ticket

Now, you might ask if it is possible to buy tickets online. Yes, you don’t have to go to the station inevitably to buy a train ticket from Chittagong to Sylhet. Now you can buy your ticket in advance by lying on the bed in your room.

Tickets are essential for train travel. For a long time, the only way to buy a train ticket was to physically show up at the station to buy one. But today, we are so busy that we’re reluctant to spend time on less important things. That is why the Bangladesh government has digitized the process of purchasing train tickets. Now you can buy Bangladesh Railway train tickets online from home through a computer or mobile phone.
Simply create an account on Esheba easily purchase a ticket from here. From this website, you can also find some important services. Also, you can book Sylhet to Chittagong train ticket online with the following process.

This brings us to the end of this article. We hope we could help you out with all the information. Take care!

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